Conductor drops libel claims

Conductor drops libel claims


norman lebrecht

May 22, 2018

The Austrian conductor Gustav Kuhn has retracted two of his libel actions against a blogger, Markus Wilhelm, who alleged that musicians were being exploited in various ways at the Erl festival, which Kuhn directs.

The defence was due to present a vital witness today, only for the plaintiff to withdraw two claims.



  • Max Grimm says:

    Not correct, Norman.
    Firstly, the libel action remains.
    Secondly, the defence had already presented evidence and two witnesses had given testimony. A third defence-witness was scheduled to testify today.

    While the libel action remains and is set to go ahead in court, Kuhn had other actions against Wilhelm. The actions Kuhn decided to drop (as a sign of good faith and to avoid appearing as vindictive, as he claims) were the 2 actions brought by him against Wilhelm, seeking financial damages, for what Kuhn claims were economic losses he suffered as a result of Wilhelm’s alleged defamation.