Brazil legend backs out of Israel visit

Brazil legend backs out of Israel visit


norman lebrecht

May 24, 2018

An Israel tour cancellation by Gilberto Gil, the Brazilian music star and former culture minister, is being hailed as a victory by Palestinian boycott promoters.

Here’s what Gilberto wrote: ‘We are very sorry but after careful consideration with our artists and band we will not be able to perform in Israel this year. The general sentiment of all is one of apprehension as Israel is going through this sensitive moment. We expect your understanding as this matter is also delicate for us. We love Israel and have always felt warmly welcomed. There will surely be other opportunities and we will be hoping for better times.’

We love Israel. That doesn’t sound like a boycott.





  • Sharon says:

    What else can he say? An professional musician with a band is dependent on getting radio air time selling CDs and getting performance gigs in his own country. He , and even if he can, his band members cannot afford political controversy or calls for their own boycott.

    In Gil’s case he also does not want to court controversy if he wants to be considered for another government position someday.

    Unfortunately, as I said in another blog post just recently, cultural boycotts will do nothing to change Israel’s policies and may even backfire.

    • Burton says:

      Your presumption is quite breathtaking in assuming Gil is motivated primarily by CD sales, gigs and/or future government appointments. You seem to know very little of the character and history of the man. Suggest you might actually want to read up a bit in this case. You might find it interesting.

  • Jeff says:

    Can’t sing anymore. Shouldn’t be performing. And his Argentinian promotor is an asshole.