Anna Netrebko misses a Tosca at the Met

Anna Netrebko cancelled last night’s performance ‘due to illness’. Jennifer Rowley stood in.

The Met says: ‘The soprano is still scheduled for the final two performances at the Met. She is also scheduled to return to Baden Baden for Adriana Lecouvreur.’


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  • 3800 people were disappointed as we waited for the curtain to rise (all shows fully sold out) – gutted to miss her and unlikely she’ll return with it in future season

      • Her vissi d’arte was very nice, fine voice, but early on felt needed an ear horn – thin weak voice that could not be heard over orchestra, extremely disappointing (and my seat was not in upper balcony). Her interpretation weird, unclear if intentional, although interesting I suppose if was, though lacking in presence/charisma- her Tosca often appeared lost and insecure — usually a stronger more charismatic presence. Volle as scarpia a real high point (best I’ve seen, an intimidating presence just on entering, even before singing, all very well done. Compared to Rowley Yusif with his strong voice was the star

  • Despite the disappointment of Netrebko’s cancellation, overall a very satisfying evening for a beautiful new production. The Met has shown confidence in Jennifer Rowley and scheduled her to sing Tosca on six dates next season. As cover for A.N. last Friday she was very good and I think will come into her own in 2018-19.

    Volle IS Scarpia, Evazov has power and character, and Patrick Carfizzi’s Sacristan demands your attention. Mr. de Billy kept everyone connected.

    • Yes she is sick. She works hard, I can imagine that would take its toll. Hope she gets better soon. Her fans really miss her.

    • Presumably it is a quote from the Met’s press office.

      I doubt she will sing on May 8 or 12, either, given that her husband is gone, there is no telecast, a decent understudy is ready, de Billy is such a weak conductor, she doesn’t need the money, she does need vocal rest, and she may actually be sick.

      • I like to think she takes her obligations to her fans and contracts to houses seriously; these shows would not be sold out (and at congestion pricing, over &400 for good seats) but for her. She doesn’t need to perform with her husband and is beyond caring re transmission (she didn’t want it) – I am just scared she won’t show up due to a worsening of her voice which was widely reported for April 30 show — hopefully she rests and continues – she is no Jonas Kaufmann I think, more professional

        • Netrebko is not at all “more profesional”. She has cancelld her München Tosca for the Soccer World Championship opening with her president Putin and has left Trovatore in Paris for the opening party of Gergiev`sprivate concert hall. Professional? Not at all!!

          he is lucky to have a strong health, so she rarely has to miss performances due to illness.

      • Strange, that she did not post anything on her FB about the missed prformance and the illness. Usually her life is posted in early every minute. Last post is the birthdayparty for her husband.

          • She has posted that she feels better and plans to make both remaining Toscas, is sad she missed the May 4th and appreciates our understanding – I hope it works out I am on the hunt for a seat/spot

  • Me!: where exactly she posted that she plans to come back? I wish it was true but I have serious doubts (also because she is to sing with Mavlyanov now, who clearly is not in her league – at least based on youtube videos – and got terrible reviews for his Cavaradossi in London)

    • She posted on instagram she was coming back but there haven’t been any new posts with her pic. Hope shes ok

    • What did you make of her bizarre facial contortions while singing (grimaces, sometimes even appearing cross-eyed) – I don’t recall her ever doing that before; my thought was maybe to get a better sound she needed to do that, but was never case before and seemed very odd/distracting. I am very glad I went, full of great moments, thrilling Puccini- she remains consummate professional for me, certainly in Met history books now

    • That upsets me even more–that the only time she did not show up is the night I have been waiting for since I bought the tickets in the fall. We spent hundreds of dollars to get good seats and traveled hundreds of miles for nothing!! I must say, though, that I am glad I got to see Yusif. He was terrific. Now, don’t know whether to try for Aida or not.

      • It (opera) is like the northern lights – you spend $$ and can travel far to see them, but there are no guarantees- only that if you don’t make the effort and take the chance you certainly won’t experience it. Sickness happens. (It could have turned out to be you who was sick and missed it, you’re spared a little by having it be the performer, if you want to look at it that way- of course it’s very disappointing either way but you got to see the show versus be sick in bed)
        As to her gurning, I noticed she also seemed lower in pitch sometimes- hope it’s not emd (a form of dystonia) or something

    • He was ok. Solid. I would have preferred Grigolo (not to mention Kaufman of course) but he had a nice voice and played well. However, there was also nothing really memorable about it that wowed me away and stuck.
      Didn’t see any facial oddities for Netrebko.

  • How did the final two performances compare overall. There have been no reviews of any of the May performances. Was Anna still in fine voice ? She had top reviews for her debut !

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