US soprano collects 4th big-buck award this year

Nadine Sierra, 29, was last night named winner of the Met Opera’s annual Beverly Sills Artist Award.

It’s worth $50 grand.

She has previously won the $50k Richard Tucker Award, the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and the Marilyn Horne Competition.

Does anyone else get a look-in?



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  • I heard her in Lucia in Zurich a few years ago.
    She has an attractive voice. I hope she evolves into an artist.
    To my ear there was nothing unique, distinctive or individual about her voice or presentation to warrant such attention. My impression was that she is the product of publicists/agents. This does not mean she cannot take the opportunity.
    Others here may have more recent experience.

  • “Does anyone else get a look in?”

    The same question could have been asked when Trifonov won at the Tchaikovsky (1st), Rubinstein (1st) and Chopin (3d) competitions.

  • This girl has only sung minor roles, Lucia twice with mixed results and a bunch of Gilda. Why is she winning all these prizes?

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