US campus orders inquiry into abuse of music students

US campus orders inquiry into abuse of music students


norman lebrecht

April 02, 2018

Utah State has received complaints of mistreatment of female piano students.

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  • Steven Honigberg says:

    Does anyone else feel, after reading this article, that the so called professors at Utah University called out in the piece should be fired? Whoever teaches music like this is a disgrace to the profession. Stay away from this University kids if you are an aspiring musician. Shameful behavior.

    • Michael Comins says:

      Not only do I feel that the perpetrators should be fired, but that the entire music school should be shut down. DISGRACEFUL!

      • V.Lind says:

        I agree. The mentality is shocking — and similar to the one that turns up in competitions, and some orchestras. And classical music is supposed to be the great benefactor to developing brains, civilisation, etc. Too many of its proponents do not serve as great advertisments for it.

      • Andrea says:

        I agree that this is disgraceful. However to say the whole department should be shut down is a blanket sweep. My daughter attend ps USU and is a string performance major. Thankfully, this has NOT been her experience. Her string professors have been fantastic and nothing but encouraging.

  • Melinda Bargreen says:

    A horrific saga of despots, sexists, egotists, and outright fraudsters — it’s hard to believe this has been allowed to continue for so long.

  • MeToo says:

    This type of thing sadly happens at many schools. I have seen and been on the receiving end of some atrocious behavior from “faculty.” Any parents sending their children to collegiate music schools should vet those schools carefully. They should ask if there have been any abuse scandals. They should question and vet the people who will be teaching their children. They should also do their homework and be ready to confront the administration if they are given dodgy answers. They should make sure they talk to their children regularly and make sure they understand what this abuse is, and how to report it, and not to be afraid to do so.