The agricultural side of Johann Sebastian Bach

A new one for our collection of inappropriate record covers.


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  • Love that the driver wears dress shoes.

    We’ve seen quite a few ridiculous covers. But this may be the funniest. I can’t stop laughing.

  • Tractors are great for retrograde motion, not so good at inversion nor retrograde-inversion. They are also great for bringing food to the counter (point).

  • I wouldn’t call it inappropriate. It’s not like it’s a Lara St. John cover. It is odd, but hey, that’s Austria for you.

    • As a subscriber to 3 streaming services I’d say yes. On a portable player or other mobile situation they are essential for the the quick identification or selection of an album or track, especially if reading track or album names is impractical or using a voice command is inappropriate. However, .the content or artistry of the image is pretty much irrelevant here. It just needs to be distinctive in thumbnail size.

  • GREAT!!! What a great testimony of incredible funnyfull baaaaaaaad taste is this.
    I just LOVE it (just for one time).

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