Sleeper bows out

Thomas Sleper retired this week after 25 years at the head of the Frost Symphony Orchestra at the University of Miami.

He made it a rare bastion of American and English 20th century music.

Read here.

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  • I played under him in the Florida Youth Orchestra back in high school – a good conductor, but we would often play his own compositions…unsurprisingly, it looks like he did the same thing at UM’s orchestra, at least at the concert the article reviews.

  • (sarcasm alert)
    I sang under Johann Sebastian Bach back in high school — a good choral director, but we would often sing his own cantatas…honestly, these conductors should know their place, and refrain from composing, because classical music is all about everyone specialising in a tiny silo of musical activity, to the exclusion of all else!

    • Ha. Okay, okay. I didn’t say he shouldn’t compose at all, but a youth orchestra should probably learn to play the standard rep before playing the conductor’s compositions.

      Also, I think if Mr. Sleeper was comparable to Bach, it would be a different story. (He’s not.)

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