Silliest album shot of the century

Does anyone still read CD booklets?

I made the mistake of opening the small print that comes with Andris Nelsons’s DG Bruckner 7th from Leipzig and found this:

OK, so the conductor’s having a cuddle with the composer in the mortuary.

The picture is from a photoshoot by Marco Borggreve, not a passing paparazzo.

Whose idea was it?

And can anyone supply a printable caption?

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  • In answer to the original question, yes I do read and find the booklets supplied with
    CD’s very beneficial. Long may they continue to be provided.

    In the matter of one photograph, what is all the fuss about?

    Andris Nelsons is a fabulous Bruckner conductor and is currently providing us with a wonderful survey of his symphonies coupled with Wagner overtures and other excepts.

    He adores Bruckner so what is all the fuss about? Get out more and listen to music I say!

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