Rusalka is scrapped on opening night when tenor falls sick

Rusalka is scrapped on opening night when tenor falls sick


norman lebrecht

April 23, 2018

The opening night of a new production of Dvorak’s Rusalka was called off at the interval at Coburg when the Bulgarian tenor, Milen Bozhkov, said he could not continue.

An allergy, reportedly.

And no understudy on standby.

photo: Theater Coburg



  • Andreas B. says:

    this happened in Coburg, not Cottbus – a difference of 2,5 hrs of driving;
    also, easy to remember because of the historic connection to the British Royal family…

    meanwhile, there is news from Cottbus as well: the otherwise undisturbed premiere of Macbeth was not conducted by GMD Evan Christ after musicians had called for his resignation:

  • kay young says:

    fancy having no understudy. how ridiculous!!!! hope they learn from this. disgraceful to cancel half way through an opera.l would have been furious. hope the poor tenor is ok. he must have been very poorly.

    • Una says:

      They may have an understudy in theory but then never took the care to look after him and give enough time and help to learn the wretched part – or wouldnt let the understudy on, not unknown either. Seen it all before.

    • Orpheus90 says:

      As an employee at a comparable Theater in Germany I have to say: Having an understudy is a question of the financial strength of an theatre. Only the “big ones” are in such a luxurious position having an understudy for the productions. Of course it would make things much easier to handle but if there is not enough money you have to take the risks. That’s the reality.

  • Hello, I was there! says:

    You guys are very quick at judging: I can just second Orpheus90says! Look up the website of Landestheater Coburg and take a quick look at the size of the ensemble and the variety of repertoire each member has to deliver. The singer of Jezibaba was Cenerentola just weeks before. It is also that Coburgs regional Location makes it difficult to reach within a couple of hours.