Musicians Union fights ‘worst scam in 20 years’

A company called Band Management Universal has apparently shut down after a deluge of complaints.

The company is said to have charged musicians for services it never delivered and to have engaged in abuse campaigns against those who complained.

The MU’s Horace Trubridge calls it the worst scam he has seen in 20 years.

Singer Sarah Kaloczi has posted:


Do YOU recognise this man’s voice? If so get in touch. It’s the voice of Matthias of BMU, the man responsible for heading up the BMU management scam that has seen hundreds of musicians, scammed out of thousands, followed by a vicious hate campaign against any of us that dared to stand up to him. Help us catch him, so justice can finally be served for those of us that fell victim to him.

For more information on the BBC story:

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  • There’s nothing new to this. Nearly all managements take money for doing nothing, or next to nothing, charging thousands just to be on their roster, never mind all the internet scams giving you “free” listings in return for absolutely nothing, and the ones who charge for the same. Teachers are sadly constant prey to scammers. What could be more evil? Why did the union wait till so many were hurt?

  • I imagine this has been happening since the time of Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev. There’s a liar born every minute…. Sad.

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