Kasper Holten takes back his old job

Kasper Holten takes back his old job


norman lebrecht

April 20, 2018

The former head of London’s Royal Opera has been named director of the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen, a job he first held when he was 27.

The position has been a game of musical chairs in recent years and the theatre is badly demoralised.

Go, Kasper.

UPDATE: Danish friends point out that Kasper was previously just artistic director. He is now in charge of the whole theatre.

UPDATE2: Kasper has clarified:

It was announced today that from 1 Sept I will be the next CEO of the Det Kongelige Teater (Royal Danish Theatre) – the national home for drama, ballet, opera and symphonic music in Denmark. It feels amazing, and it feels like coming home, but in a very different role from when I was Director of Opera here 2000-2011. It is a major life decision for me to focus in the future less on the exciting, but fleeting life as a freelance stage director – and focus instead on the overall responsibility for this important institution, its many wonderful employees and being an advocate in general for the performing arts in Denmark and beyond. It is difficult times in many ways. But we need to embrace change and reflect on what the future of RDT looks like, so we can be a generous, involving and courageous theatre that is relevant for as many people as possible in all of Denmark. I firmly believe that in a time where we increasingly consume cultural products alone, on demand, in short formats and on screens or in our headphones, there will be a bigger need than ever before for coming together with other people to experience live, unplugged artistic experiences that matter and change our lives! The only place we have an excuse to turn off our mobile phones is the theatre and concert hall! This job will something of a challenge, but I cant wait to get started!



  • Player says:

    And he’s going to help?

  • Ben Pateman says:

    Surely one of the least surprising moves in classical music administration! But good for him, and for Danish opera.

  • HeinzHeins says:

    NEIN! er war Chefder OPER in Kopenhagen. Nun ist er Theaterchef also Chef von allen Sparten!

  • Glerb says:

    To completely remove doubt:

    He used to run the Royal Danish Opera.

    He will now run the Royal Danish Theatre, which means the opera company, the ballet company, the theatre company and the orchestra, whose three main venues are the Opera (i.e. the new opera house), the (new) Playhouse, and the old Royal Theatre (i.e. old opera house). Got it?

  • Alexander Platt says:

    A brilliant man.

  • Robert Rÿker says:

    Kasper Holten’s announcement was very well stated — a model philosophy for all of us.