Jonas Kaufmann headlines Aids ball

Jonas Kaufmann headlines Aids ball


norman lebrecht

April 03, 2018

The German tenor is the star attraction at this summer’s Vienna Life Ball.

Other participants are Ute Lemper, Andreas Schager, Elena Maximova, Hila Fahima Kristin Lewis and Rene Pape.



  • Jose Saints says:


  • Olga Zakharova says:

    Good news!

  • Raymond says:

    We await his concerts with the Boston Symphony this week. I suppose that rehearsals are under way. Would be nice to be reassured he will actually perform.

  • Jane says:

    How fab! ♫

  • M.Boonstra says:

    Bravo Jonas!

  • Sue says:

    And more handsome than the law allows!!! 🙂

  • Bram Stoker says:

    AIDS is still a major health problem. Other STIs eg Gonn and Syph are also increasing and are becoming resistant to antibiotics. A recent Gon case acquired by someone in Asia in the UK is totally resistant. More research is needed on resistance and understanding the genetic mechanism of it.