It’s a three-Hankey show

Weeks after she won the £15,000 Glyndebourne Cup, US soprano Samantha Hankey, 25, has been given a Richard Tucker Career Grant. It’s worth $10,000, but it all adds up.

Last year, she won a $10,000 Dallas Opera grant.

All she needs to do is compete, forget about performance.

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  • If she went to Julliard she will need the money to pay off her student loans.
    In major cities in the United States a single person will need at least $50,000 and in New York City over $60000 before tax income if one wants to live in anything other than a rooming house and eat anything other than peanut butter sandwiches and stay out of debt.

    She will still need to perform

  • Gratuitous snark. Of course she’ll perform and it’s ridiculous (and clearly meant to be) to suggest otherwise. Would it be too human to close an announcement like this with “Congratulations, Samantha Hankey — well done!” ?

  • Congratulations to Samantha Hankey. Samantha is amazing in opera, recitals and especially in competition…a true artiste in every way. Samantha works hard, is professional and gracious in every way. Her expenses such as student loans from The Juilliard School, coaching, accompanists, travel, cost of living in NYC, outfits etc. must be extraordinary and we want to see more of her. Samantha deserves to win if the judges see fit. It is apparent they have time and time again due to her outstanding musicality. Reach for the stars Samantha! Brava

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