Igor Levit joins attack on racist ECHO award

The German pianist has come out in support of the Notos Quartet, who gave back their 2017 Echo prize after the 2018 award went to a pair of rappers with an Auschwitz line. Igor has returned the ECHO he received in 2014.

He tweets: ‘It is unbearable that antisemitic slogans are heard on such a platform and an award. It is impossible for me to keep the Echo Klassik, which I received with great pride in 2014.’


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    • Dear Wolfgang, do you really want to see ECHO dead ? Never heard such a strange comment by you. i don’t – we need such events to represent the classical music world for society. But in any case the award to those Rapper/Gangsters was a wrong desicison and there should be some reaction against those stupid antisemitic comments.

  • Conductor Enoch zu Guttenberg just gave his prize (2008) back, every few hours a new artist announces the same. The ECHO has succeeded in making itself worthless, a pariah in the world of music prizes.

  • Mr. Levit is against antisemitism, but applaudiert unlimited influx of migrants from the most antisemitic parts of the world. Well. Give with one hand, take with the other.

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