Good air day: Alitalia pays up for smashed viol

Good air day: Alitalia pays up for smashed viol


norman lebrecht

April 12, 2018

From Myrna Herzog, whose viol was smashed up by airside handlers:

Alitalia has taken full responsibility for the damage on my instrument and has just reimbursed me for all the expenses resulting from the damage of instrument, case and bow.

Thanks to the unfortunate accident, the company is also reviewing their policy regarding musical instruments. This could make Alitalia the preferred airline for musicians and music lovers. I will continue to fly Alitalia, as I always did.

In the meantime, Luthier Shlomo Moyal is doing wonderful restoration work on the Lewis viol (seen in the photos with its twin, cut from the same tree).

The come-back of the viol will take place on 6, 8 and 9 February 2019 when Giomar Garcia Sthel (Germany) and I will play the twin viols in a program with Marina Minkin. On March 13th 2019, the reborn viol will perform my mask “Passion and Madness” at the Zucker Hall in Tel Aviv.

Then we shall commemorate its rebirth like a phoenix, together with 20 years of Ensemble PHOENIX and hopefully be able to say All’s Well That Ends Well.

Once more, thank you, Alitalia, for your fairness.

And thank you, Slipped Disc readers, who shared the outrage and helped produce this happy resolution.


  • Samson Cheung says:

    Yes. The Italians are artistic and Alitalia is thus the Artistic Arline !

  • Sharon says:

    Unfortunately, as long as baggage workers are under quotas these tings will continue to happen from time to time.

  • buxtehude says:

    Great news.

  • Britcellist says:

    Let’s hope this will open the eyes of the rest of the airlines, and managers will train and supervise baggage handlers. Too many photos of smashed instruments show up constantly.
    Glad that those of us who care about our precious instrument have the opportunity to voice our concerns.