Exclusive: The cellist who walked 600 miles… and then had to play

Here’s a sneak peek from the upcoming release of the film STRANGERS ON THE EARTH, a documentary about Dane Johansen, cellist in the Cleveland Orchestra, who walks the 600-mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain with his instrument, performing Bach Suites along the way. The film opens May 4 in NYC and June 1 in LA.


STRANGERS ON THE EARTH – Exclusive Clip – Cellist Struggles on the Camino from Tristan Cook on Vimeo.

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  • At the time of filming, Johansen was the cellist of the world-class Escher Quartet. He succumbed to the security of belonging to a top orchestra and staying in one place rather than the rigors of frequent touring done by the quartet.

    • “succumbed to the security of belonging to a top orchestra”

      I often find comments on SD which carry the idea that having a solo career or playing chamber music is infinitely superior to being in an orchestra. Well, there are people out there who think that being an integral and important part of something bigger can be equally satisfying. I imagine there are enough soloist and chamber musicians who would gladly swap their repertoire against e.g. the symphonies of Sibelius or Nielsen.

    • In another era someone would have claimed the itinerant musician was “afraid of commitment” or “unable to settle down.”

      Talented people have options in life and we should not be surprised this talented person decided to try more than one.

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