Death of a viol specialist, 86

Death of a viol specialist, 86


norman lebrecht

April 02, 2018

John Hsu, cello in the Amadé Trio, taught both cello and viola da gamba at Cornell University, wrote a definitive handbook of French Baroque Viol technique and edited the works of Marin Marais.

He loved Haydn above all composers.

His trio partners were Malcolm Bilson and Sonya Monosoff.

He taught a full alf-century at Cornell.


  • Michael Smith says:

    His recordings of Haydn Baryton trios on the ASV label are well worth hearing.


  • Anthony Martin says:

    John Hsu was an indefatigable educator, performer on viol, cello, and baryton, and in later years, conductor. He was an early collaborator with Albert Fuller at Aston Magna. His enthusiasm and positive attitude will be missed.

  • Patricia Yeiser says:

    A good friend of mine, a violist-da-gamba, was having trouble playing in tune. She had a couple of lessons with him, and voila! Problems solved. It turned out that all her tensions were wandering down her bowing arm to the instrument, which affected the intonation and pitch, and everything else. She never had those troubles again.