Were you reading Slipped Disc yesterday?

Were you reading Slipped Disc yesterday?


norman lebrecht

March 08, 2018

Google Analytics tells us 164,189 people did.

Which is a new site record over 24 hours.

True, we had a couple of good stories to ourselves, but the readership spread across a range of topics.

Just over 60 percent of readers were in the US. The highest city concentrations were London, New York and Los Angeles.

46 percent of our readers were female.

51 percent were under 35.

If you were among our readers, we hope you come back for more.

If you were among our advertisers, we hope you are pleased.

If you were not, you should be aware that Slipped Disc is, by a huge margin, the #1 go-to news site for classical music and related arts.

Ask Google Analytics.



  • anmarie says:

    What could be finer than musical news and a slew of erudite cranks?

    Congrats, Norman!

  • David R Osborne says:

    Oh for pity’s sake, don’t you people have anything better to do with your time?

    • Sue says:

      No. Anything and everything concerning music consumes most of my days. As Simon Rattle says, “it’s a drug I’m happy to remain addicted to for the rest of my life”.

      • David R Osborne says:

        Funny you should bring up Simon Rattle Sue. A great example of someone who should be doing a lot less talking and a lot more listening. Reading the SD comments section would most certainly be a good place to start. Somehow I doubt it though.

    • Bruce says:

      No, and neither do you 🙂

  • Patrick says:

    Congrats! I never miss a day. Best place to look for job postings, er, I mean conductor sex scandals.

  • Karen says:

    And Fox News is the highest rated cable news network in America.

    I’m starting to sense a pattern here…

    • The Voice from America says:

      … and you’re reading it.

      • Karen says:

        Yes. And plenty of things reported on Fox News are repeated on late night comedy shows for laughs. Let’s be honest. This site is quite entertaining.

        • steven holloway says:

          It surely can be entertaining. Just spotting errors and click-bait bits of deception in headers comes to be a morning-coffee pastime after a while. Very much U.S. and tabloid oriented in the nature of its material. How they know our age and gender is a trifle mystifying, and likely something that we are better off not knowing lest it keep us awake at night. So far as the total readership is concerned, it should be borne in mind that, unlike most blogs, posts are added to SD a few times a day for the most part. Thus, addicts of the site may well be returning periodically, so that the total represents not the number of visitors but the number of visits.

          • Cyril Blair says:

            “Just spotting errors and click-bait bits of deception in headers comes to be a morning-coffee pastime after a while. Very much U.S. and tabloid oriented in the nature of its material.”

            ?? Yes, there are certainly no U.K. tabloids full of the most ghastly errors and clickbait! The Daily Mail inserts at least 40 typos and errors per article, obviously on purpose! No one, and I mean NO ONE, could be that uneducated.

          • steven holloway says:

            Let me rewrite that bit: “…very much U.S.-oriented and tabloid-oriented…”. Two discrete orientations. I had in mind British tabloids in large part, NL having previously made his career in tabloid journalism. You conflated the two references.

  • Richard Sparks says:

    Read it every day! Always something (and usually several somethings) of interest.

  • Scott MacClelland says:

    Your secret will remain safe with me.

  • kaa12840 says:

    I have lunch at my desk and read SD every day; what else should I read while munching on my salad; political news? I don’t have “skin in the game” since I am a scientist but, I still love the gossipy news and the snarky comments. I also love the predictability of the comments of the regular “stars” of this show. But really, I didn’t think that there are 165,000 people like me. Anyway, keep it coming !

  • Jamal Bakri says:

    Every single day! You go Norman 🙂

  • Anthea Kreston says:

    Congratulations, Norman!!

  • Dennis says:

    Firstly, those Google analytics stats don’t actually measure discreet viewers, so many could be reapeat visitors who click on the site more than once a day.

    Secondly, many (estimated to be upwards of 50%) of the clicks registered by Google analytics are by other machines or bots, not necessarily actual people.

    Thirdly, how could they possiblly know the sex of users? How are they measuring this alleged stat? Presumably it has something to do with IP address registration, but there are multiple people in my family who use one internet connection which registers one IP address of origin. When someone from my house clicks on the site, how could Google possibly know whether the end user doing so is a male or female?

  • Thomasina says:

    I remember that the first time I searched for ” Slipped Disc” on the net. I knew the word “hernia” but not “slipped disc”(hernie discale). When it first came out “Dangerous slipped disc!”, I suspected for a few seconds that in fact it was a harmful site…now I’m reading everyday.

    • Bruce says:

      It was established a little while ago (during the “Juilliard is blocking students from reading Slipped Disc!!!” scare) that the web address is “slippedisc” (one D) dot com, not “slippeddisc” (2 D’s). I’ve made the same mistake.

  • Bruce says:

    I was. Male, over 50… sorry :\

  • FS60103 says:

    Has On an Overgrown Path posted a sour, humourless riposte to this yet? Just wondering…

    • Dennis says:

      There are these fascinating new tools available – I think the kids call them “web browsers” – that actually allow you to go to the site in question and check.

  • Elisabeth Matesky says:

    I was reading SD yesterday and feel good that almost 165,000 readers may have seen a Tribute of Simon Scott to the late, great Italian Viola Master, Luigi Alberto Bianchi, who passed in early January, 2018, which was announced on
    Norman Lebrecht’s site, January 7, 2018 … Many more music lover’s on this site
    became aware (or more aware) of the artistry & platinum personal qualities of
    the Italian Violist who was considered the ‘Zino Fransescatti of the Viola’ & due to string’s of positive occurrence’s in Chicago & in Pietrasanta, Italia, focused on the Debut publication of British Violinist, Simon Scott’s, ‘Ode to Luigi Alberto Bianchi,’ after encouraging Simon to share his views, fixing it a bit & submitting his touching Tribute to our Officer’s here at the Chicago Federation of Musicians, Local 10-208, in Chicago, (the City which ‘houses’ the Chicago Symphony Orch., 24/7, and has a long history of honouring great Italian Conductor’s, Carlo Maria Giulini, 1st Principle Guest Conductor serving w/ Music Director, Sir Georg Solti; Claudio Abbado, beloved by CSO musicians & Orchestra Hall audiences, & our current Music Director, Ruccardo Muti), one can now visit the CFM ‘Intermezzo’
    Magazine’s March 2018 issue! Our city has always been the beloved & revered Master Violinist, Nathan Milstein’s ‘Town’, who was closely aligned w/ Chicago’s prime classical musical ‘face’ – even more popular in ‘Chi-town’ than his famed Leopold Auer St. Petersberg Violin class mate, Jascha Heifetz!! (Both Master’s were my violin mentor’s at different times starting in Los Angeles, with Heifetz, as one of his 7 original Violin Master Class, USC, pupil’s, which can be viewed on YouTube in our Jascha Heifetz Violin Master Classes, USC – Khachaturian, JH-7, Elisabeth Matesky, *Russian, Library of Congress Master Performers, & later in Fulbright London, studying privately with Nathan Milstein, at his Chester Square home for over 3 & 1/2 years, w/2 artist tutorials pr week of a minimum 3 & 1/2 hrs. to even 5 hrs. if for pre-concert Debut’s or 1st time performances of never before played violin concerti/Solo Bach Sonatas & Partitas for Violin, plus other concert pieces). If interested, please visit linkedin.com/ Profile, Elisabeth Matesky, Int’l Violin performing/recording/ tv/ radio/ Film, Artist Teaching Career, also detailing EM’s ‘hobby’ music writing for American & British music magazines & publications – AST Journal & the Strad of London; cameo’s on nytimes.com, guardian.com (pen-name); ‘Top Ten Violinist’s of All Time, (III)’ of Nick Hulme, a Top Lecturer, Thames Valley University/London – a 3 + year core contributor on LinkedIn.com; WordPress.com – Matesky Overviews on Music – 2013 to 2017 (6 Articles); Guest Artist Teaching residencies in London, NY; Chicago ACM Artist Teacher of Violin, Ch. Mus./Chair, Strings, original American Conservatory of Music; Artist Lecturer in Violin, Chicago College for Performing Arts, Roosevelt Univ.; Sibelius Academy of Music, Helsinki, FI; TCM, London – artist residency in violin, ch. mus, orchestra rep, violin/piano duo ensemble master classes; Full Inner String Circle Bowing’s of Orchestral Repertoire Expert – presented at Nat’l ASTA Conference (2012); ASTA 2009 Conference Address – ‘Elisabeth Matesky on Nathan Milstein: Icon of the Violin, Artist Mentor, Person & the Friend I Knew’
    ~ 1st public Milstein speech, Atlanta, GA ~ (c)Copyright 2009 E. Matesky Film.
    All rights reserved. (Available upon request) + More!

    Not intending to ‘preview’ my Musical Career on slippedisc.com, one arrived in
    unplanned fashion ~ Perhaps it’s my ‘American way’ of Introduction on Norman
    Lebrecht’s superb international website and thank him for this far too lengthy ‘Hi’
    & Reply! Please feel welcome to visit our ‘Top Ten Violinists of All Time, (III)’ on
    LinkedIn.com (sometimes under The Violin Network) to list a favoured classical
    Violinist standing in company w/ Heifetz, Milstein, D. Oistrakh, Seidel, Szeryng,
    Neveu, Francescatti, & obvious ‘other’s’, to share favourite recordings, video’s,
    life experiences & a Vote to Choose the Second Top Ten Violinist after Heifetz,
    unanimously voted No. 1 on Nick Hulme’s ‘Top Ten Violinist’s of All Time, (III)’ ~

    Sending best musical greetings to all from Chicago, USA …

    Elisabeth Matesky

  • Cyril Blair says:

    164,189 visitors but no Milka.


  • Anon says:

    Uhm, what?
    How does google know the gender of the person reading on the frontend computer?
    That’s either nonsense or very scary.

  • James Zimmermann says:

    Wow! Thanks again for posting my video about the Scheherezade solos.