Welcome to the Slipped Disc Book Club

Welcome to the Slipped Disc Book Club


norman lebrecht

March 11, 2018

Every fortnight from next Sunday, we’ll have an international musician presenting a book for discussion.

Here’s an introduction by our book club curator, Anthea Kreston:

Please join us on an exciting new adventure. One that will connect the broad and diverse Slipped Disc audience to great literature as well as give us a chance to engage with leading musicians of our time. The Fortnightly Music Book Club will have a rotating, international group of hosts, with Slipped Disc’s very own diarist Anthea Kreston guiding and serving as director.

Our first joint foray will be lead by Eugene Drucker, violinist in the Emerson Quartet. Delve into “The Savior”, his critically acclaimed, magnetic novel. The Los Angeles Times says “[A] meditation on the simultaneous indispensability and limitations of art as a transformative human experience…disturbingly provocative”.

Every other Sunday, look for a posting about the Fortnightly Music Book Club. We will hear from Mr. Drucker and have the opportunity to submit questions and propose book titles through a dedicated email address. The host will then answer reader questions.

A unique opportunity for the passionate and inquisitive readers of Slipped Disc to come together, and to be able to hear directly from major musical voices of our time. Join us.

And feel free to bombard Anthea with suggestions.


  • Richard Sparks says:

    I’m in! Sounds great.

  • Christian Meyer says:

    As Claude Debussy’s centennial of his death is coming up this month, may I suggest his marvellous writings as a candidate?

  • drummerman says:

    “Fortnight?’ That’s two weeks, right?

  • bratschegirl says:

    Count me in!

  • Esfir Ross says:

    All books that written by Joseph Horowitz.

  • Marg says:

    Anthea – where do you find to fit in yet another commitment! You are amazing!

    • Anthea Kreston says:

      Marg – I suggested that I do a walk-through of one of the books i was reading to Norman, and before we knew it, it just became it’s very own thing. I am really pleased about this – the chance to have community events and to hear from such incredible living artists. I just am over the moon about it. I hope you read along and submit questions! This will be a fascinating experiment.

  • Suzanne says:

    I confess to feeling hesitant about joining a book club in which authors are given a platform to present their own works, particularly after just having read the other day in slipped disc that daily traffic to this site had hit 150,000 plus. I would have nothing against Anthea choosing to present Eugene Drucker’s novel, or for Eugene Drucker to present a “desert island” read of his choosing that was not his own work. Am I the only one with this particular qualm?

    • Anthea Kreston says:

      Suzanne – please think no further on that topic – I asked Mr. Drucker, and he suggested a book (not The Savior). It was I who convinced him otherwise – and it was not an easy task. So, if there is any fault, it is my own, and my desire to hear from the horses mouth about the process, and the content. We will also have some biographies, with children or grandchildren of the authors as guests. We will mix it all up!

  • John Borstlap says:

    I’ll look for The Savior, because if it’s disturbingly provocative it’s the real stuff for me! And I have been looking for a savior all my life, so…. And if there are some limitations of art in it, all the better, thinking of all those comments on this site! Art is taken much too serious. Especially the old stuff.


  • Glenn Hardy says:

    Wow, no snarky comments about a Slipped Disc Book Club! Bravo!

  • Vic Lanser says:

    Richard Sennett’s An Evening of Brahms.

  • PEAN says:

    Will there only be musicians presenting their own books or also musicians recommending books or readers recommending books on music/ composers etc??

    • Anthea Kreston says:

      HI Pean –
      We can actually design it together. Let me know your ideas! At the beginning I was just going to try to do An Equal Music (Vikram Seth about a Quartet – great book) and then we started to add other ideas. Fiction, biographies, even academic books or history could work. The next book will be Thomas Mann – Death in Venice, lead by composer Daron Hagen. probably every one will be different. I think it is great that the Slipped Disk community can come together!

  • Tony Sanderson says:

    Sounds a great idea.

  • Rose says:

    Yes! What a treat!