Watch: Principal flute plays on during brain surgery

Watch: Principal flute plays on during brain surgery


norman lebrecht

March 29, 2018

Anna Whitlock Henry is principal flute with the Big Spring Symphony Orchestra in Texas.

Undergoing brain surgery for a tremor, she was not going to give up playing.


  • Robert Holmén says:


    • duane says:

      The brain itself has no sensory neurons.

      • Robert Holmén says:

        That’s good to hear!

        Now tell me about the giant flap of skin that needs to be peeled off before they cut out a hole in the skull with a bone saw.

        Still zero on the “sensory neurons”?

        • duane says:

          Lidocaine is a wonderful substance.

          p.s. I used to be a Nurse, specializing in Neuro trauma and rehab. Yes, the flap healing is uncomfortable, more, I am told, from the itching than overt pain.

  • Mark Henriksen says:

    Wow, that woman is brave and determined. Best wishes!

  • Sue says:

    Our phenomenal modern medical technology is the real act here!! OMG.