Was Karajan a cousin of Hugo Wolf?

Was Karajan a cousin of Hugo Wolf?


norman lebrecht

March 09, 2018

Research in Slovenia reveals that their ancestors came from the same small village.

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Separated at birth?



  • Anon says:

    Always interesting, but not really relevant, if the two shared a common ancestor who was born before 1700, as the article tells us.
    Also the author is misguided in assuming musical talent being genetically inherited. No such scientific evidence exists, that there is much significance in your parents particular DNA, regarding musical talent.

    But I like, how some of the most interesting artists have some of the most diverse genetical inheritance.
    It seems to be a pattern, that mixing between ethnicities is good for mankind and isolation means retardation.

  • Sharon says:

    I agree that mixing between ethnicities is ultimately good for mankind although couples from different ethnic backgrounds frequently have a tougher time of it, both because of external prejudice and their own cultural differences.
    I believe this current interest in DNA testing and ancestry smacks of racism and elitism.

  • ketzel says:

    Anon and Sharon: both of you are off-topic and suppressive. I enjoyed the post. It’s always interesting to learn something unexpected about cultural figures. Who knows where musical talent comes from? It’s not settled science, so don’t pretend you know everything, just because your trollmasters have told you how to derail an interesting discussion. How about the Bach family? Just random beneficiaries of white privilege?

  • Robert Holmén says:

    Further proof that we’re all related anyway.

    My Bacon number is 4

  • Jean says:

    If we go deep enough, Karajan’s family (Karagiannis) came from an Aromanian village in Greece. In other words: Karajan’s ancestors spoke Romanian dialect.

  • Sue says:

    Or was he merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing?