Seiji Ozawa is hospitalised for a month

The Japanese conductor has been admitted to hospital in Tokyo with heart problems and will remain there for at least four weeks.

Ozawa, 82, has been diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis, which can usually be treated with minimally invasive measures to reopen the valve.

The former Boston Symphony and Vienna Opera chief has recovered from esophageal cancer and repeated attacks of pneumonia in the past eight years.



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  • I believe that the first major North American orchestra where Mr. Ozawa was the music director was the Toronto Symphony in the 1960’s (which Mr. Lebrecht failed to mention). After honing his skills in Toronto, Mr. Ozawa he went on to lead other major orchestras including the Boston Symphony.

    Mr. Ozawa, thank you for the memories. I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

  • Maestro, I first saw you conduct in London in 1968. It was superb, as was your direction of Brahms’ First Symphony with the Saito Kinen Orchestra in 1992 at the Proms. You have been an enduring genius and it is your charismatic fervour which I shall never forget. Hang on in there, we are all on your side.


  • Get well Seiji, my dear old friend. Working for you at the Toronto Symphony still comes to mind. What fun we used to have shopping together for your home before your wife came. Having dinner at your place with Danny Kaye will never be forgotten.

  • I wish you a complete recovery and return to vigor. We need go hear more of your musical magic! Keep healing!

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