Philadelphia is sniffing a British big cheese

We hear that the Philadelphia Orchestra, anxious to fill its chief executive post, is looking at…

Cressida Pollock, English National Opera’s makeshift ex-chief.

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  • Doug says:

    She better make damn sure there’s enough water aroubd. The Philadelphia Orchestra is sn awful lot to flush down thd toilet.

  • Luigi Nonono says:

    I doubt a foreigner can navigate the social waters of Philadelphia, though a Brit might be best at it.

  • William Penn says:

    I hope that Ms. Pollock, if she is seriously considering this position, is well aware of what she is getting herself into by going to Philadelphia. For any person who has lived and worked in an international city like London, a move to a place like Philadelphia will no doubt be a tremendous culture shock, made all the more worse by the very very very provincial and extremely conservative attitudes that prevail within the Philadelphia Orchestra’s board, administration and musicians. Forget about trying out the untested and innovative there. It will be met with scepticism and suspicion worthy of a village backwater. Ms. Pollock should do her homework before putting her foot anywhere near that place.

    • steven holloway says:

      I hope the PO knows what it’s going to be lumbered with if they hire Ms Pollock. She is an administrator, but not musical. Her specialty is hatchet-wielding, as is that of the Company from which she went to the ENO. She might abolish the position of ‘Orchestra Member’ if she thinks it’ll improve the bottom line

  • ben says:

    Mmmmm … the board of POA continues to smoke weed, while the black people in the street of Philadelphia continues to smoke a lot of cigarettes. Everything are still in motion as planned by God.

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