Paul Simon will take a classical sextet on his farewell tour

Paul Simon will take a classical sextet on his farewell tour


norman lebrecht

March 09, 2018

He started out with a guitar and another guy.

Then he picked up motley folk and jazz ensembles.

On his farewell tour, we hear, he’s taking the New York sextet yMusic, a contemporary-classical group.




  • Eric says:

    worth noting, this isn’t a purely new collaboration: they performed on his last tour.

    • Plap17 says:

      yMusic only performed with him at Eaux Claire. Not a tour. They are working on the album due @ the time of this tour.

  • I really hope Pal Simon will do this with this classical colaboration. The only thing I know was – after finishing his Benefit Tour for the E.O. Wilson Foundation Paul held for fundraising the Half Earth Project – He was with already busy by making recording with YMusic in the studio.

    This vid has been taken during the following concert (that was postponed due to very bad weathercircumstances) at:

    Paul Simon and YMusic EauxClaires 2017 about Jun 20rh of June , 2017

    Paul Simon and YMusic EauxClaires 2017 via @YouTube

    I really hope you will enjoy this new kind of music making of our Genius of Music called Paul Simon! Kind regards from Holland, Europe. Paul Simon will give two cocnerts in my country and I wanna go! #Corry

  • rg says:

    I really hope Paul Simon will retire after this.

    • Corry Lieverse says:

      Paul Simon will retire from touring around the USA and the entire world.
      Today more concerts in the USA have been aded!

      Im am very sorry I am convinced Paul Simon will never give op make music.
      Paul Simon will continiung performing for benefit concerts like he has been doing his entire life. Maybe a new studio-album will come out with Ymusic.
      You will get your rest when you are gone or by ingnoring him Dude!