Melbourne Symphony is gutted

Melbourne Symphony is gutted


norman lebrecht

March 26, 2018

We have seen a staff email from managing director Sophie Galaise announcing the mid-season departure of Ronald Vermeulen, director of artistic planning, ‘to pursue other career opportunities’.

She adds: ‘Interim management arrangements will be announced shortly.’

Quite a lot of that going on in Melbourne which has lost, in quick succession, its marketing team, its librarian and now its de factor artistic director. The music director, Sir Andrew Davis, is expected to leave next year.

We’re hearing some very unhappy noises from a very fine orchestra.

Ms Galaise, a Canadian was formerly in charge at Queensland and Quebec.


  • Doug says:

    Following the link I read her “biography” and if you read carefully in between the lines it’s clear this woman has accomplished nothing other than landing various positions. Talk about vaunted rhetoric and total idiots swooning. Such is the orchestra world…

    • George W. says:

      There are quite a few of those Down Under Orchestra CEOs who have invented themselves as such and landed top jobs on mysterious grounds. They suck out the lives of the really good orchestras. MSO is definitely a very fine one!
      Such is the orchestra world indeed…

      • John says:

        Yes. David Pratt at the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. However, These circumstances are not so mysterious. He was summoned to Mexico, where he was given the job by de la Parra in exchange for absolute submission. He gladly obliged and continued to slash all jobs until there was no one left able or willing to provide checks and balances.

        Now we have a season made up of soloists from Alondras management company Dorn music. And they wonder why they are having trouble giving away tickets.

        Forever snowing at the QSO, but no fear, Aslan is near!!!

  • David R Osborne says:

    It is indeed a great orchestra. Hope this sorts itself out quickly.

  • John says:

    Sophie’s greatest doozy was the appointment of Alondra de la Parra. I feel sorry for Sophie for this utterly humiliating decision.

  • Robert says:

    Currently a petition Is underway to get rid of Sophie and board because of the damage she has brought on this fine orchestra . So far 5,500 signatures from Music lovers of Melbourne