Korean star dies at 33

Korean star dies at 33


norman lebrecht

March 26, 2018

Seo Min-Woo, known as Minwoo, has been found dead at home, apparently of cardiac cause.

He was one of the brand leaders of K-Pop, a field of high mortality.

Our sympathies to his loved ones.


  • John Rook says:

    Isn’t he the second one to have died recently? What is it with K-Pop?

  • Steve says:

    ..not to mention girls getting killed in a car accident (pressure on the band to get from one gig to another, in record time due to the immense competitivity), idols fainting on stage due to overwork, girls going anorexic, and of course ever increasing cases of sexual abuse where Korea seems to have a particularly backward attitude toward women’s rights. One should also not forget the pressure/anguish caused by the hysterical fans who literally stalk their idols to the point of complete mental exhaustion; stalking their dorms, acquiring their telephone numbers, attaching GPS to their vehicles then chasing them down the motorway very nearly causing accidents.. Definitely more legislation is needed in the field.

  • Ceasar says:

    I smell an k-popera

  • Hilary says:

    Much which can be learnt from South Korea. A county which has risen from the ashes in part thanks to a very fine education system. Many notable classical musicians emerging from this country.

    • Ceasar says:

      and evidently a high suicide rate?

    • Steve says:

      Yes, I’m also impressed how classical music is booming over there, new concert halls being built all over the place and the audience being predominantly young… Nevertheless my naive admiration for the country is constantly interrupted by abrupt reminders of how they still have a long way to go.
      Certainly a world superpower in terms of economy, education and military but still not a real democracy. Until just recently their press freedom index was worse than even Egypt or Venezuela…
      Also, again and again there are these major human catastrophes, the kind of which one would not normally expect in a first world country, which usually boils down to corruption, negligence, political ineptness and inadequate legislation. And as already mentioned the high suicide rate, especially among young people, due to the enormous pressure on them to succeed, and also where it is not enough just to be good at your studies, you also have to look the part hence the pressure to do the plastic surgeries…
      Certainly progress has been made with the recent change of government so one can only hope that things will get slowly better…

    • Mary says:

      As one who teaches Korean students English, I must disagree with you about the Korean educational system. It is based mainly on memorization, not creative thinking. Many of my students are strong critics of their country’s system of education.