How many cops does it take to stop a piano?

London, Euston:

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  • Ha, ha, so glad they’ve got nothing else to do. By the way that is not Euston it’s St. Pancras International.

    • My thoughts, exactly!
      I perform in public and people don’t even think twice about recording it, filming it. So far, nothing has turned up on YouTube that I know about. And if you stop them or make them ask permission, it’s considered mean and negative. Honestly.

      • Better than one story I was told:
        amateur pianist performing on a street piano, noticed someone unknown to him passing the hat around; when he finished playing said person had disappeared!

      • When you’re in public, you’ve given permission.

        Especially when you are doing something as “Hey, look at me!” as a musical performance. It isn’t as if you were trying to not be noticed.

    • I walk through St Pancras quite regularly; compared with the usual standard (very low — so low that the kids who just bash random keys sound better) of playing on these instruments, the playing in the video is actually quite reasonable.

      Once, I heard someone play an excerpt from of one of the Brahms concerti — I paused briefly to listen, but, alas, the performer soon switched to a more populist, upbeat work. Was it because he felt under pressure to “entertain”, or because he was simply cycling through different fragments?

    • Oh, lighten up. You have not paid a fortune to hear a classical concert. Two police officers offered a light approach to the day — shared a little joy. You’re as bad as DiDonato’s judge. It’s a railway station and a couple of bobbies brightened a few dull minutes.

  • This is all very cheerful, but in the meantime how many thieves are shoplifting in the surrounding stores and terrorists placing bombs behind them…hopefully they were on break.

    • There’s a guy goes around playing pianos in the streets who dresses as a construction worker and other various assorted uniformed people for the publicity of it. It’s all a spoof. I wonder if this is the case here, as well?

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