Death of a Russian contender, 45 reports the death of the pianist Andrei Zheltonog.

A pupil of Leonid Margarius, he came 3rd in the Riga international competition in 1989 and sixth at Leeds the following year. He was a teacher at the Moscow Conservatoire and at its offshoot in Japan.


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  • The Russian article says he worked in the “department of special piano”….evidently not especially healthy.

      • There is no information available on the cause of death. A duel? Struck by lightning? Traffic accident? Vodka overdose? An unfortunate illness? An omission by the Russian site that can only encourage speculation. Heartfelt condolences to his family, colleagues and friends.

      • Indeed it must be. But can you (or anyone else) explain what “на кафедре специального фортепиано” means?

        • It means that Russians haven’t got round to write the letters in the right way. My uncle David went to Russia on a vacation trip in the nineties, had learned some basic Russian, but pronounced the letters in such a way that many misunderstandings occurred and he was arrested and put in jail for 3 weeks.


  • Sadly I have seen many untimely deaths recently among artists, and not just Russians, but everyone. Many do not list cause of death.

    • Now SD addicts can engage in endless speculation — until the next breathless headline hits the site.

  • A musician is an artist , a feeling sensitive person . We live in times of big changes , great advancements but also great injustices and cruelties . Not an easy time for people that feel and are compassionate . Not surprising that several of our major great singers and musicians are dying younger nowadays.

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