Death of a leading dancer, 58

Matthew Bourne’s company has announced the death of Scott Ambler, a formidable dancer who played The Prince in the original production of Swan Lake.



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  • The original production? That’s a bit imprecise, surely — Swan Lake debuted in 1877, though the version we mostly see is based on Petipa’s 1895 setting.

    • +1 ( if only they staged a kind of that eurotrash ( originally somewhere in Germany) style productions which are plenty in opera and ballet nowadays )

        • you are not so cynical as you try to play here, if so – go to the nearest church and light a candle for his soul, it will make much more sense to him than all pompous and empty words on the subject ( I’ve already done) – hopefully you are ( somehow) christian … I said

    • Of course “original production” meant the company’s original production of Swan Lake. You should look it up. It’s good.

    • Clearly you miss the point – as the announcement was made by “Matthew Bourne’s company” the “original production” refers quite clearly to A.M.P.’s Production of Swan Lake – the one which has received international praise in case you had your head stuck somewhere so you didn’t hear about it. Why do you have to be so petty?

  • Sad news – he was a terrific dancer. And good to see read that V Lind lament the death of a talented man rather than offering nitpicking comments. Oh wait…

    • I’m always sorry to hear of a sudden death, especially of someone who seems to be too young to die. But the statement as presented is preposterous — so it is hardly a nit I am picking.

      • I think it’s a safe bet that most of us understood the reference to be to Matthew Bourne’s staging of Swan Lake, which is what made him and his company famous.

      • Given that this is about the sad loss of Scott Ambler it seems insensitive to even bother to reply to you comments but you are clearly nit picking as is Alexanders. There is a time and a place and now is certainly neither.

  • It was a coincidence that I saw this production for the first time on YouTube. That was the third act and what a surprise when I knew the black swan(or stranger, Mr.Cooper) was a handsome guy…Rest in peace Mr.Ambler.

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