Cellist collects 50k Karajan prize

Cellist collects 50k Karajan prize


norman lebrecht

March 29, 2018

The Argentine cellist Sol Gabetta has been awarded the 50,000-Euro Karajan prize after an effulgent performance of the Schumann concerto at the Salzburg Easter Festival, which Karajan founded.

The presentation was made by Karajan’s widow, Eliette. Gabetta is the second artist to receive the award.

photo (c) OFS/Creutziger


  • JoBe says:

    I am still waiting for her to play some at least chords with her chin. There are passages in the (magnificent) Lutoslawski concerto that she could perform with the median anterior part of her mandible at any time.

  • Charles Clark Maxwell says:

    But why his award at this stage of her career ? She’s played with Barenboim , Rattle and others and presumably gets a big fee.


    • Nik says:

      My first reaction was to wonder whether the €50,000 is more or less than the fee she received for playing the Schumann concerto.


      This question comes up with many prizes. If the prize money is channeled towards a good cause, then between monetary donation and associated publicity, then the prize becomes more meaningful. Examples abound.

    • Max Grimm says:

      Those who receive this prize, don’t receive it for their careers but because they have supported up-and-coming musicians or have worked to further musical youth development programs, promoting the awareness and appreciation of classical music in the process.
      The €50.000 in its entirety “must be used by the recipient to help further the careers of young musicians”.

  • Olassus says:

    Salzburg Easter Festival is garbage nowadays, badly managed.

  • Susan Moses Bloom says:

    Sadly, if her Schumann concerto was anything like her performance of the Saint-Saens concerto with the Houston Symphony – Schumann would be turning over in his grave. As I didn’t hear this, I cannot judge but my past experience was totally negative.
    Susan Moses Bloom