Biz news: Anxious IMG grab opera maestro

Nicholas Mathias at IMG Artists has signed the Italian Carlo Rizzi away from Van Walsum’s Maestro Arts.

Rizzi, 57, former music director of Welsh National Opera, is not a big name but a steady earner.

Mathias needs to replace revenue lost from the defection of his top earner Jaap Van Zweden to Columbia.

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  • Rizzi is an excellent conductor, why should Nick Mathias not pick him up for this reason alone? It has absolutely nothing to do with trying to replace income–that’s a ridiculous conjecture. Nick has excellent taste in conductors and Rizzi absolutely deserves the best possible representation–now he has it, let’s see what happens to his career.

  • To name Carlo as “steady earner” is unfairly reductive. He is an excellent and successful conductor, well prepared, serious. And he IS a rather big name as opera conductor, present in all first-rate opera houses.

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