A young orchestral player is killed in Texas bombing

A young orchestral player is killed in Texas bombing


norman lebrecht

March 13, 2018

Message from Corina Santos about the death of Draylen Mason, a double-bass player in the Austin Youth Orchestra.

Two people have been killed by three package bombs in Austin over the past 10 days.


  • John Borstlap says:

    This looks like racist hate crimes, encouraged by rightwing ‘official’ policies.

    • Greg Hlatky says:

      This looks like another example of Antifa violence, encouraged by increasingly-deranged “opinion leaders.”

      Of course, this view is based what we know now about the motive for these bombs: nothing at all.

      • Oscar Dodier says:

        It is white neo nazi nationalists trying to intimidate african american and latino communities!


      • Hrbmus says:

        “Antifa” is a created code-word designed to sound ‘foreign’ by alt-right operatives. By which means they hope to make opposition to fascism somehow unacceptable. When you fall for that, you have lost WW2 all over again. Best not to play into their hands so eagerly.

        • Greg Hlatky says:

          Oh, my apologies! I should have used the proper title: “The Incredibly Courageous White Rose Dissident #Resistance Chowder and Marching Club”.

          Doesn’t change anything. Again, there are no suspects and no known motive so any speculation just serves prejudices.

        • Michael says:

          Antifa uses violence and suppresses freedom of speech. Antifa = Fascists against fascism.

          That being said, it’s currently too early to know who is behind these attacks.

      • Jeffrey E. Salzberg says:

        We know that two of the victims were related to local Civil Rights leaders. We know that all of the victims were members of ethnic minorities.
        …And we know that conservatives are desperate not to be forced to confront the fact that they’ve made their movement a comfortable home for bigotry.

    • Bruce says:

      ” Police have not decided if these are hate crimes but said that’s considered a possibility because the victims are African-American and Hispanic. [Austin Mayor Steve] Adler said it is still too early to know the motive. ”

      He should check with Slipped Disc, since there are several people here who know all about it…

    • Cubs Fan says:

      Sorry to re-awaken this thread, but I knew that eventually this would happen. Always does when someone jumps the gun and makes assumptions, usually wrong, about the culprit in a crime. Everyone so quick to blame conservatives, Republicans, Trump. and imaginary racists. Regarding the most recent bombing in Austin, here’s just one bit of news:

      “Manley said Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that both men injured in Sunday night’s explosion are white, unlike the victims in the three earlier attacks, who were black or Hispanic.”

      Not a “racist hate crime” after all, is it?

  • Sharon Beth says:

    What a shame!

  • K says:

    Draylen was a sweet, friendly young man that played in the orchestra with my son for five years. The evil that would do this to such a young man is sickening.

  • Jeffrey E. Salzberg says:

    It doesn’t make it worse than if he hadn’t been a musician, but combined with the young artists murdered at Stoneman Douglas, it’s really sad.

    • John Borstlap says:

      There are, again and again, people in the world who try – through art – to contribute to the better things of this world, and other people who are out there to destroy and add to the world’s ugly tragedy of existence.

  • Thomasina says:

    Only 17 years old! As a double bass mania (even if I never played), my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  • Jeffrey E. Salzberg says:

    Yeah. It’s people on the left mouthing “boilerplate slogans of hate”. Right.

  • Michael S says:

    Doug, why do you come across as a troll with some unknown motivation, but with an aim to stir up antagonism and draw out more hate?
    The shame is on you!

  • Hrbmus says:

    That’s just silly. No one can convincingly sell the left as both too inclusive and multi-cultrual and yet also being the party of hatred. The Repugs won that title decades ago. You have to be paid by Moscow, that’s so clueless – you have no real idea of what’s going on in the US.

  • Jaypee2 says:

    Shut up, trumpanzee.

  • William Safford says:

    I gather that you are more scandalized about left wing people being concerned about innocent people being murdered, than by the murdered people themselves, or that they were in all likelihood murdered by right wingers.

    Please remind us who should be ashamed, and about what.

  • Chi-chi Nwanoku says:

    Absolutely sickening. No justification or explanation needed, this is just pure evil, committed by heartless, hateful and cowardly people. Draylen Mason is a huge loss to the world of music. May his beautiful soul rest in eternal peace. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5750791919001/#sp=show-clips