A second maestro is smashed up in road accident

A second maestro is smashed up in road accident


norman lebrecht

March 09, 2018

The new from Venice is that Myung Whun Chung has dropped out of La Bohème ‘due to injury sustained in a traffic accident’.

He was in hospital for three days and will be off work for two weeks.

‘He was injured when his (Mercedes) Benz car was hit by a truck,’ an aide told a Korean news agency.

Elsewhere, in Cabridge, Stephen Cleobury is making a good recovery after a bike crash.


  • ben says:

    OMG …. that is so similar to numerous Korean TV dramas, in which the good guys would be “taken care of” by the bad guys by some deliberate traffic accident involving a truck.

  • Rog says:

    ‘Smashed up’? Why do you insist on using such over the top language? (And where is Cabridge?)

  • The View from America says:

    Fortunately, these accidents have ended on a happier note than Ernest Chausson and Pierre-Octave Ferroud’s …

    • Clarrieu says:

      Not that we can compare these two gentlemen’s creativity with the one (or rather lack of) of the conductor above…

  • Sharon says:

    You think that driverless vehicles that will soon be the latest rage will be safer?