Who’s the soprano that opened the Winter Olympics?

Sumi Hwang, 32, who sang the Olympic hymn, is a member of the ensemble at Bonn Opera.

Winner of the 2014 Reine Elisabeth competition in Brussels, she is starting to make guest appearances on other European stages. Next up, she’s singing in Figaro and Turandot in Bonn.

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  • Sumi? Wow!!! That’s so great!!! So happy to hear that! She sang the leading role in my opera “The Girl Who Did Not Want to Sleep” in Bonn. She is fantastic!

  • Ms Wang gave a wonderful performance. Far more memorable than Netrebko’s of four years ago in Sochi. And her voice was the very opposite of “indistinct”. Makes me wonder whether the commenter above even watched her performance.

    She’s clearly a major talent with a promising future.

    • I agree. It was a show-stopping performance. She looked breathtakingly beautiful, but she has a beautiful and powerful voice.She may be an unknown in the U.S, but she has established herself in Germany. She is still young, but she’s won many vocal competitions. I hope that her opening ceremony performance opens more doors for her. A voice the likes of hers should be heard.

  • “Who’s the Soprano **Who** Opened the Winter Olympics?”

    Free editorial service. No charge. This time. {;-)

    • Er…Norman is correct in his title. I really hate it when people try to impose their ignorant pet language peeves on others.

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