Two Philadelphians pay for Yannick’s new job

The Met announced today that Yannick Nézet-Seguin will become music director in September, two years earlier than anticipated, for reasons that are overly familiar.

Peter Gelb also said that his position would be funded with a $15 million gift from the Philadelphia-based Neubauer Family Foundation, led by Joseph and Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer.

The Philadelphia Orchestra sees this as the start of a long partnership with the Met, writes Peter Dobrin.



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  • Poor New York Philharmonic, it has to compete with the Met, with Yannick, now even with the Philadelphia Orchestra on its own turf.

    Jaap gave up Dallas to be a small fish in a big pond; even his president, Borda, is a bigger star than him in his own orchestra.

    Prediction: Borda will appoint Yannick as MD of the NY Phil when JvZ’s contract is up, and Yannick will accept.

  • He’s locked into Philly for another eight years, so he’s not going anywhere else soon. And who knows how his working relations with other orchestras will evolved between now and 2026.

    If he were looking for another orchestra now, I’d bet on the BRSO. But he’s not in the market. In fact, he couldn’t be in a better situation as far as his schedule. He’ll be able to go months at a time without ever leaving the Philly-NYC corridor.

  • Yannixk fatigue will set in. Philadelphia is the worst run orchestra in the nation. Ironic Philadelphia mokney is funding the Met when the Philadelphia Orch cannot fund itself. This is greed at its best. Congrats to YNS for being the mascot!

    • Philadelphia _was_ the worst ran Big 5 in the past decade or two. Nobody would doubt that.

      One of the interim leaders, Ryan F, is a great man from what I heard. We shall see what’s up once the new permanent CEO is put in place.

      One thing is clear: There is no shortage of concert goers, old and young, in Philadelphia. The pricing of the tickets, however, needs to be more friendly.

      And about Yannick fatigue: I seriously doubt that. Unlike good number of big, star young conductors who shall remain nameless, Yannick is the real deal, not a product of the hype machine.

  • The Karajan of his generation. Hold the top two positions on your Continent. Minimize commuting time. Line up your patrons. Make friends with your investment advisors. Nice work if you can get it.

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