Social and personal: Nicole Cabell got married

The US soprano has posted an announcement of her wedding yesterday to Christopher Guarnieri.

They have been engaged since September.

We wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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    • Why write that? The worst of the commenters. I found Nicole Cabell to be one of the most delightful, candid and thoughtful singers I’ve ever interviewed. We don’t see her here often enough.

      • Just an observation. I’ve seen these kinds of things happen before all too often. I mean no ill will to either of them. But, statistically speaking, this will not last. As before, I wish them well however long the relationship lasts.

        • “Just an observation.”

          The defense that you’re simply stating something that’s true* (the classic little-kid-in-a-supermarket “but that lady really is fat!”) stops working by about the age of 7 or 8. The idea that anything that is true must be said out loud is for little kids, or people on the spectrum, who do not (yet) have any understanding of the concepts of tact, politeness, or simply not looking like an asshole. For anyone else, it means you are an asshole and you don’t care who knows it. So.

          *And in this case you’re actually not making an observation, you’re speculating about the future.

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