Protestor claims victory: Airline cancels cello fee

Protestor claims victory: Airline cancels cello fee


norman lebrecht

February 07, 2018

There was outrage last week when SAS Scandinavian Airlines began charging an extra 50 Euros to book a cello, in addition to the extra seat.

Now SAS have told Jacob Shaw, who led the outcry, that it was all an administrative error: ‘A mistake has happened here. If you book a seat for your instrument, you shouldn’t have to pay an extra fee. If it’s not possible to book online we will not charge you an extra fee.’

Jacob says: ‘I am happy that SAS have finally seen sense, after a month of me trying to get in contact with them. This is entirely due to the pressure from cellists and musicians around the world, sharing and posting on social media. This is a small yet vital victory in the constant mistreatment of musicians by big airlines!’



  • Sue says:

    “Outrage”? Not another one!!!!

    • Quodlibet says:

      You seem never to understand that real people have real problems in real life. Why are you so cranky all the time and so dismissive of the challenges that other people have? Do you have some sort of charmed life or something? You seem to be annoyed or upset or (yes) outraged by most of what you read here. If you are so bothered by it all, then why read it at all, let alone comment? Your negative, dismissive, consistently condescending posts are tiresome. Go play Bach for a while; you’ll feel better and it will keep you occupied.

      • buxtehude says:


      • Bruce says:

        There is a kind of person who believes that people’s problems are always self-caused. Whatever someone’s problem may be, the person must have brought it on him/herself somehow.

        This can look like anything from clear-eyed pragmatism (you should have saved some of your money instead of spending it all on fripperies) to cold-hearted lack of compassion (you should have thought about the future before choosing to get addicted to drugs and then asking society to take care of your children), to contorted reasoning (airlines owe you nothing; if you didn’t think about this kind of thing when you chose to play the cello, you have only yourself to blame).

        My sense of it is that it gives the person a safe feeling of insulation from other people and their troubles, and of protection from a potentially chaotic universe by giving them the feeling that they have control over what happens to them. (If other people must have done something deserve their problems, then I must have done something to deserve my well-being.)

        My sense of Sue is that she’s not bothered by the things she reads here; rather, she comes here so often to make the kind of comments she makes because it makes her feel good.

  • buxtehude says:

    Three cheers for Jacob Shaw.

  • Peter says:

    Well done, Jacob Shaw. Common sense, coupled with persistence in the face of intransigence, prevails.

  • Cyril Blair says:

    It’s pretty despicable that they only did the right thing after being publicly shamed.