Opera is cancelled due to substances in the set

Opera is cancelled due to substances in the set


norman lebrecht

February 18, 2018

Friday night’s performance of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Sadko at the Slovak National Opera was called off at the last minute with no explanation offered to the audience.

But these things tend to leak out.

Apparently, singers complained of mould growing over parts of the set.

Health-and-safety were called in. Samples were taken and sent to the lab. Results will take a few days to arrive.

Meantime, speculation is rife. It could be any of these:

a penicillin

b marijuana

c seafood

d remnants of the Slovak national dish from the previous week’s menu

e a Russian mafia plot…



  • Sharon says:

    Mould is no joke. It can get people sick, can affect respiration and throat and thus injure singing, and could be deadly if one is allergic.
    However, it does not necessarily indicate neglect on the part of the stage hands or major structural problems in the house. Mould can grow easily and quite quickly anywhere that is a little damp. Mould grew in my bathroom after a pipe leaked for only a week. It is a sneaky little fellow!

  • anon says:

    Considering the set is covered in dirt that is hosed down every evening before the show, this is not a big surprise…

  • Peter Bleha says:

    However, the main point of this article isn’t that. (I am the author of that article). The samples had been examined and it’s evident that the clay, which is dispersed across the stage floor and on top of which the singers lie during performance or dig through with their hand, is mildewy. The truth is, the clay had been sitting in the deposit for six months prior to the premiere. The theater’s management is refusing to remove it because supposedly they aren’t allowed to do so due to licence terms and are demanding that the artists keep performing. The latter had entered a strike following multiple allergic reactions and even a pneumonia immediately after the first show. The theater’s director appeared on TV on Friday night and said they would water the soil more before the act to eliminate dusting. Yet the humidity will only contribute to the mildew’s growth.

  • dar says:

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  • Bob Goldsmith says:

    Anyone remember John Sessions enacting Pier Waffington, the opera impressaio who trafficked drugs disguised as snow in opera sets? (Interview with Michael Berkeley on BBC Private Passions)? Would love to hear it again!