Music directors of Boston and Philadelphia in Superbowl facedown

Music directors of Boston and Philadelphia in Superbowl facedown


norman lebrecht

February 01, 2018

Boston Symphony’s Andris Nelsons and Philadelphia’s Yannick Nézet-Séguin have taken bets on this Sunday’s Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

If the New England Patriots win, Yannick will wear a Patriots jersey in a Philadelphia rehearsal. If the Eagles win, Andriss will get fitted for their shirt.

Both have issued videos.


  • Derek says:

    Two excellent teams. Good friendly rivalry and both music directors are good sports!

    I am supporting the Patriots, Andris and the Boston Symphony.

    • Winger says:

      I’m not sure if you’re talking about the football teams or the orchestras. You may or may not know that the Patriots are hated with a white hot passion by almost everyone who didn’t grow up within 100 miles of Boston. (I used to live there. It was difficult.) The Eagles are such a shambolic team that they have long been a laughingstock, as I well know having grown up outside Philly.

      This is just to say, calling this game a “friendly rivalry” between “two excellent teams” is a bit incongruous. Unless you’re referring to the musicians.

      • Derek says:

        Hi Winger,

        Yes, I was talking about the orchestras because I imagine the football rivalry is intense!

        Thanks for the background, I wasn’t aware that the Patriots were so unpopular but I guess that is a result of their success in recent years. However, the Eagles must be good now to have reached Superbowl and with this season’s record. I do remember way back that they had a very good quarterback, Randall Cunningham, who was a very adventurous player.

        May the best team win, and this time I am talking about the football.

  • harold braun says:


  • Tim Pearce says:

    Osmo Vänskä works in the hosting city.

  • anon says:

    Somehow, I doubt very much either MD is a football fan.

  • Triangular Planet says:

    Why are organizations of high culture in any way involved in promoting or even talking about professional sports? Most people go to concerts and listen to classical music to get away from the mind-numbing spectacles of popular culture (including sports!). Sports are omnipresent in our society and now one of the sanctuaries you should be able to go to get away from it all is promoting it!