Just one Brit in Glyndebourne’s 23 semifinalists

Just one Brit in Glyndebourne’s 23 semifinalists


norman lebrecht

February 12, 2018

The newest opera competition has just ground into action.

These are the semi-finalists for the Glyndebourne Opera Cup:

Adèle Charvet 24, mezzo-soprano (France)

Francesca Chiejina 27, soprano (USA)

Jorge Espino 26, baritone (Mexico)

Adriana Gonzalez 26, soprano (Guatemala)

Samantha Hankey 24, mezzo-soprano (USA)

Elbenita Kajtazi 26, soprano (Kosovo)

Dmytro Kalmuchyn 24, baritone (Ukraine)

Aurora Marthens 25, soprano (Finland)

Mirjam Mesak 27, soprano (Estonia)

Denis Milo 27, baritone (Germany)

Jake Muffett 24, baritone (UK)

Diana Newman 28, soprano (USA)

Gemma Ní Bhriain 25, mezzo-soprano (Ireland)

Alexandra Nowakowski 25, soprano (USA/Poland)

Eléonore Pancrazi 27, mezzo-soprano (France)

Emily Pogorelc 21, soprano (USA)

Cody Quattlebaum 24, bass-baritone (USA)

Anita Rosati 24, soprano (Austria)

Carl Rumstadt 25, baritone (Germany)

Jacquelyn Stucker 28, soprano (USA)

Jack Swanson 24, tenor (USA)

Charles Sy 26, tenor (Canada)

Hubert Zapiór 23, baritone (Poland)

And the judges:

Sebastian F. Schwarz (Chair)

Barrie Kosky, Artistic Director, Komische Oper Berlin

David Devan, General Director and President, Opera Philadelphia

Joan Matabosch, Artistic Director, Teatro Real de Madrid

Sophie de Lint, Artistic Director, Zurich Opera and Director designate of Dutch National Opera

Fortunato Ortombina, Sovrintendente, Teatro La Fenice, Venice

Pål Christian Moe, Casting Consultant for Bayerische Staatsoper Munich and Glyndebourne

Maria Mot, Associate Director, Vocal & Opera, Intermusica

Dame Janet Baker – Live Final only


  • Maria says:

    But only two from Germany – a country with a higher population and far more opera houses.

    Should Glyndebourne’s UK location make a difference?

    Do these figures mean anything at all?

  • erich says:

    So Dame Granit just performs her ‘Queen Mother of Song’ act by swanning in when the cameras are in in the final. Not serious….

  • pooroperaman says:

    Chiejina and Stucker are currently on the ROH Young Artists’ Scheme, so some UK influence there, at least.

  • Derek says:

    Can anyone clarify whether entering competitions is the normal or preferred way for a singer to advance his/her career?

    If it is not, then this news has little significance,does it? It is a matter of choice.

  • Alex Davies says:

    If it’s supposed to be a truly international competition one British semifinalist sounds about right. The real surprise is that there are seven or eight Americans, but no Italians, Russians, Romanians, Scandinavians, South Africans, Australasians, or East Asians.