Just in: Slipped Disc is banned at Juilliard

Just in: Slipped Disc is banned at Juilliard


norman lebrecht

February 01, 2018

We hear that staff and students at Juilliard who try to read the latest Slipped Disc reports while at the college receive a ‘403 Forbidden’ notice and cannot access the site.

Insiders tells us that the college management went apeshit over our exclusive reports that students were left homeless over Christmas and have acted ever since like a tinpot dictatorship, searching for internal leakers and banning the news site from house computers.

It’s now easier to access Slipped Disc in Pyongyang than at the Juilliard School, Manhattan.

Anybody at Fortress Juilliard heard of the First Amendment?


  • Alexander says:

    apparently Moscow hackers 😉

  • buxtehude says:

    1st Amendment refers only to Government legislation.

    • InformedInformer says:

      If Julliard receives one cent of government funds to operate, the First Amendment covers their operations as well.

      • buxtehude says:

        Umm Yes. “Congress shall make no law…” &c

        • Euphonium Al says:

          Former attorney here. Julliard’s behavior is scummy censorship, but it does NOT violate the 1st Amendment. Julliard is a private educational institution; by definition, it cannot violate the 1st amendment since it is not a government entity or public forum.

          This is one of the most understood civics lessons Americans and others need to remember. No one has a Constitutional right to be on Facebook, Twitter, Slipped Disc, or any other social media or websites. Private employers in America can and do legally fire at-will employees for their opinions, cultural or political. It is maddening how often this requires explanation. And I consider myself a First Amendment “absolutist” in the vein of Justice Hugo Black.

        • buxtehude says:

          Site screw-up in the order here. Informedinsider’s wrong statement seems to have been cut after Jim said Ummm no to it, making Jim seem to refer to my earlier comment, & so on, then restored.

          Oh my oh my oh my. Sorry Jim.

  • Anon says:

    LOL Juilliard. narrow-mindedness & incompetency at its best

  • Caravaggio says:

    The smart ones will be able to access the site through a VPN

    • john f kelly says:

      Or from their apartments………….

    • John Kelly says:

      Or from Starbucks on their phones………….or anywhere on their phones for that matter.

      Great grasp of technology at Julliard……………………

      • Anon says:

        I mean whether you could access Slipped Disc inside or outside of the Juilliard building, one thing is for sure: Juilliard admins are making a real fool of themselves, which they have been already doing so for a long time now.

  • James says:

    First amendment applies only to governmental censorship. Juilliard is free to block any sites it wants. Whether its wise is another question.

  • buxtehude says:

    This and the incident that led to it does bathe J in a harsh bright light — a mean tight-fisted business operation emerges from behind the travertine cladding. I realize that Curtis has no involvement in housing but I can’t imagine them trying to protect their reputation with similar tricks. (Or am I being naive?)

    Either way it’s sure to boomerang and great for Norman.

    • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

      Curtis has had on-campus student housing since 2011 in a new facility named Lenfest Hall on Locust Street, one block from the original historic buildings. I can not speak for the current administrative team, but blocking a specific legal mainstream blog seems highly unlikely.

      I would be careful with accusations; occasionally I get the same “403 Forbidden’” message when I access SD here in Paris and then a few minutes later it is accessible. I’m sure that students at any school can find information through other routes than a school controlled network.

      • Dave W says:

        Precisely. One can walk across the street and get unfettered access at any cafe. I think the real report is Julliard Insider’s that management went ‘apeshit’ over the article.

  • Tiredofitall says:

    The whole Juilliard holiday housing scandal could have been handily avoided had they only done the right thing in the first place. They got caught with their poor behavior. They deserved the backlash and kudos to NL and others for bring it to the public’s (Juilliard supporters) attention.

  • AndyHat says:

    I get a 403 Forbidden on slippedisc from any device connected to my home network, and I know I don’t block it at my firewall. (I’m only posting this by connecting my phone to LTE so the connection comes in from a different IP.)

    I suspect sucuri or smething on slippedisc’s end is errneously blacklisting ips, so you definitely want to check that before blaming Juilliard.

    Of course while typing this, I got one of those annoying pop-up “Your iphone won an amazon gift card” ads, which means it’s also possible slippedisc served up a malware-laden and tripped automated protection of some sort. Between purify on my phone and adblock on my PC I mostly don’t see ads on slippedisc so I have no idea what ad network you’re using (especially since I usually only see the RSS feed of late what with being blocked from the site itseflf)

  • iloveschenker says:

    How about spelling Juilliard correctly, for starters? ……

  • La Verita says:

    Juilliard has always been a dystopia, with a faculty & administration that is overly impressed by themselves, and naive students who worship them like gods, while believing that a major worldwide career is awaiting them. It’s a truly sick environment.

    • buxtehude says:

      Interesting comment. Do you think this take is widely shared?

      • Anonymous says:


      • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

        Impressed by themselves (faculty, etc)?, of course; students worshiping their mentors like gods? of course; believing that a world-wide career awaits? of course; but to say that today’s conservatory students at the highest level are naive is quite a stretch. They are talented and driven and won’t take NO for an answer. A conservatory of the arts is a very special and an often weird environment comparable to almost no other educational atmosphere. “Dreamers” is a hot word today, these schools are filled with dreamers, is that a problem?

        PS: I find the overt Juilliard bashing of this thread tiresome.

        • Michael Comins says:


        • La Verita says:

          The responsibility of a conservatory is to teach the ART of music – which is greater than any school, teacher or student. But the focus of Juilliard has always been on GLORY, competition, and career. At Juilliard, Ego reigns above art, so their focus is truly perverted.

          • Juilliard Alum says:

            Oh did you attend Juilliard? Because I did. And I can say with 100% certainty that the teachers at this fine institution, care nothing for the competition and “glory”. If any thing, they hate it, and hate the fact that it takes away from the focus of art. but they understand that it is a necessary part of what we do, in order to pursue an artistic career in this world. Please keep your ignorant comments to yourself, thank you.

          • Another Juilliard student says:

            You really think that’s what Juilliard is about? Tell me, who were your sources? Surely not a Juilliard student, and if so, then he/she clearly entered with the wrong mindset. Every single student in the school knows what reality will be. Every. Single. Student.
            But is it also wrong to be driven to want a career? Isn’t that what everyone is doing with their lives? Making a career?? Just because we’re artists, we’re not allowed to want a career? If you don’t appreciate it, don’t go to any art based concerts! Because every single concert you go to, is made of musicians creating a career. The students that want a career, want a career so that they can continue making the art they make, because in order to SURVIVE, we ALSO need MONEY. Surprise!!!!!!! We learn so much about art, you have no idea. Before running off your mouth (or fingers and jealousy driven brain in this case), think, because all people can see, is a shallow, jealous, insecure person.

  • Ravi Narasimhan says:

    Possible but it sounds like a technical glitch until conclusively proven. Institutional firewall software usually cites a specific policy for blocking a site. Slipped Disc occasionally won’t load on my personally owned machines but will upon hitting refresh or coming back a couple of minutes later.

    I’m puzzled by the reference to the U.S. first amendment by a blog based in England. Slipped Disc is a private organization free to block posters as it sees fit and thankfully has from time-to-time.

  • Daphne Badger says:


  • Actual fake news says:

    From wikipedia on “403 Forbidden”:
    A web server may return an HTTP 403 Forbidden status in response to a request from a client for a web page or it may indicate that the server can be reached and process the request but refuses to take any further action. HTTP status code 403 responses are the result of the web server being configured to deny access to the requested resource by the client.

    This has nothing to do with Juilliard. Does this site harbor a grudge? Will they recant?

  • Ben says:

    That will help many of the students there to focus on building weather-proof ‘Will work for food’ signs for use after graduation.

  • Reverse Psychology says:

    Silly policy in Juilliard’s part – if this is indeed the case. Blocking Slipped Disc will only cause students to want to visit it more.

  • Luigi Nonono says:

    I’m sure the students and staff at Manhattan School of Music have been gleefully enjoying the nefarious news of their downtown sibling with the inferior “superior” attitude. Locating Juilliard in Lincoln Center was the worst thing ever done for the school. It created the artificial atmosphere of greatness that has poisoned the minds of the students ever since. When I attended MSM, it had superior faculty in many departments, not least of all Voice, Harp, Percussion, among others. Three of the voice students went on almost immediately to major operatic and recording careers. And the school seems to be thriving now, with wonderful advances in its curriculum and building.

    • Jack Johnson says:

      Sounds like you’re a bit salty about the fact that Juilliard students actually get some recognition. How was living in the old Juilliard building at MSM?

  • Matt says:

    I can’t comment until I know exactly how John Bortslap feels about this issue

  • Current Juilliard Student says:

    Your “story” about the homeless Juilliard student was proven to be false. One or multiple disgruntled students here took two separate stories, squished them together, and sent them to you knowing you’d publish them without providing proof.
    Why dont you publish an article about how this story has been PROVEN to be false? Maybe then our school won’t block the gossip rag that is your blog.

  • Don’t care says:

    Current Juilliard student here, honestly couldn’t care less about having my access blocked to such a poorly written blog.

  • Current Juilliard Student says:

    Also, love how your update to this story is in the TINIEST font possible below the image of Juilliard. Very mature…