Jonas Kaufmann: The no-holds-barred interview

I had an interview with Jonas Kaufmann on Sunday.

‘Hi, it’s Jonas.’

When the great tenor rings from Vienna, I ask if there are any topics he wants me to avoid, such are his minders’ anxieties. ‘Ask anything,’ laughs Jonas. ‘I’m not shy.’

So I did.

You will have to wait for the rest, which will appear in the Spectator on Thursday.

Lots of stuff he has never talked about before.


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  • I very much look forward to reading this Norman, I enjoy your reading your books and blog – should be an interesting interview!


    • But that’s nothing compared with what I experienced yesterday: I went to a concert in London, only to find-out – actually, I was warned by the usher – that a large bit of …..


  • Buy the Spectator

    It is certainly conservative, but one of the last outposts of good journalism in England

    There used to be so many….Time and Tide, the Listener, New Statesman…and so on

    But the Spectator is still there and full of good stuff. To be sure, you won’t agree with all of it, but it’s not worth reading anything which merely reflects your own views

    Mr Lebrecht is one of many who illuminate

  • >