Genoa replaces Fabio Luisi on Paganini jury

Genoa replaces Fabio Luisi on Paganini jury


norman lebrecht

February 19, 2018

The city’s cultural bureaucracy has announced a new jury for the contest, after Fabio Luisi’s resgination.

It is chaired by a Russian violinist.

Here’s the list:

1 Sergei Krylov (Russia/Italy): violinist, 48, ‘one of the world’s most celebrated violinists’.

2  Dimitri Berlinsky (Russia/USA), 50, won the competition in 1985

3 Bin Huang (China), 47 winner in 1994

4 Heiner Madl (Austria), 52, violinist.

5 Svetlana Makarova (Russia/Switzerland), 37, violinist.

6 Daniel Smith (Australia), 36, conductor.

7 Anna Tifu (Italy), 32, violinist.



  • Bruce says:

    Never heard of any of them.

  • Blue Skyes says:

    So why don‘t they announce the winners at the same time?

  • Piotr Kotla says:

    Svetlana Makarova is really a very bad violinist, she can’t even play 2 notes in tune, her violin sound is forte from the beginning of the piece till the end, absolutely no sense of musical phrasing. Her husband Pavel Vernikov helps her to get opportunities which otherwise she would never ever have any chance!

  • Karel Mark Chichon says:

    I never write on such forums but on this occasion I feel I should.

    Anyone who does not know Sergej Krylov should investigate a little before they pass judgement.

    He is not only one of the world’s greatest violinists but also an honorable musician who will not play any dirty tricks as is being suggested.

    In fact, Mr Luisi has worked with Mr Krylov and although I am quite sure Mr Luisi will not wish to enter into this debate for honorable reasons, he would be the first to vouch for what I am stating here in terms of the professional and human qualities of this violinist.

  • Francesco says:

    I never use to leave comments. But as graduated violinist, P.hd historian of music, and international Law student, I need to express all of my solidarity to all the engaged violinist for the competition.
    Krylov is a Violinist with no dubt. We could pass on Anna Tifu (I heard she in Genova with the Cannone recently – an acceptable Paganini virtuosism without much emotions – powerful and technically correct), but on Makarova……there are no words.
    Please. We should be honest, and I mean in the intellectual sense, there is no way that this year “Paganini’s graduate” could have the same honor of those in the past. It’s like comparing “the hot water and the pee”…

  • Alma Regina says:

    I have been following (or at least – trying to; website down etc.) the Paganini Competition and my impression was, it seemed quite run-down this year. The atmosphere half-hearted and not spectacular in any way, the jury sparkeling with charisma.. I wish the organizers would do something more high-class out of it, at least Paganini deserved that and of course also all violinists that excercise for years with the (hopeless) dream of someday participating in this competition! At the announcement of the winners, it even seemed, one jurymember forgot to put her dress on and entered the stage in chemise! Really sad…