Biz news: Sick Lang Lang prompts desperate moves at Cami Music

Biz news: Sick Lang Lang prompts desperate moves at Cami Music


norman lebrecht

February 01, 2018

We hear that Jean-Jacques Cesbron at CAMI Music has retained the services of Andrew S. Grossman as an independent contractor.

The move was prompted by a drastic drop in revenue resulting from Lang Lang’s year-long absence.

Grossman, a hard-nosed entertainment agent, was fired as a director Cami after Ronald Wilford’s death in lurid circumstances reported in Slipped Disc.

All employees of Cami were legally prohibited from having any contact – written or otherwise – with Andrew S. Grossman following his dismissal. Seton Ijams was terminated on suspicion that he communicated with Grossman during office hours using Company property.

These strictures, however, do not apparently apply to Cami’s spin-off, Cami Music. Its boss, Cesbron (pictured right), needs cash flow. That brings Grossman back into play.

Like a bad fish soup, you just can’t keep some guys down.


  • Eric says:

    J-J Cesbron is actually on the left in that pic, not the right

  • erich says:

    Gross man….nomen est omen..

  • Simon says:

    They deserve each other.

  • Dorothy Pupsh says:

    All sides of this mess they call CAMI need to throw in the towel. The higher ups are just padding their wallet with raises while slamming their slave-labor assistants to grind out tours of horrible attractions, mediocre singers. Mismanagement from the top down, a higher turnover for employment than McDonald’s, and then stories like this. “The party’s over…”

  • Ben says:

    I envision each of those guys having an orgy with their own pile of Euros and Ben Franklins on the floor. Sick.

  • Father Hennepin says:

    CAMI has always been a scummy firm, and nothing seems able to change that. They need those confidentiality clauses so no one can find out the dirty doings going on there. The Attorney General should investigate them thoroughly.

  • Father Hennepin says:

    You gave the impression that Wilford died in lurid circumstances. Use more commas.

  • Has Been says:

    For Father Hennepin and other critics of CAMI

    Exactly what ‘dirty doings’ are you referring to ?

    CAMI has been on balance a force for the good in the arts for decades, bringing many great artists to America, helping to develop careers and providng America with many many touring attractions. Furthermore what do you know of ‘confidentiality clauses’ ?

    It is tiresome to read broad brush criticism of a company with such a long history and thousands of employees over the years.

    In addition, as anyone with any knowledge knows, the agency business is not full of greedy people padding their wallets. It is a relatively low profit and very labour intensive business staffed with people working for the ‘greater good’ in the arts !!

  • Billy says:

    I worked at CAMI. While I don’t always agree with the tone of this blog I have to say it’s spot on with most of its CAMI coverage. It’s not a good place. The good people who work there are in the minority or not in positions of power. The last time I ran into one a year ago I asked how it was going and I was told “it’s a nightmare.”