Biz news: Brendel protégé gets Berlin management

The American pianist and composer Kit Armstrong has been signed for global management by Opus3’s Berlin office.

Armstrong, 25, has studied regularly with Alfred Brendel since 2005.


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  • I heard his performance with Christian Thielemann and SKD in Japan in November 2016. He was the replacement of…….Mr.Bronfman. He had neither an aura nor power and he played like a well-behaved student. But comparing him to the great Bronfman is totally unfair, I know. The orchestra and the maestro were really wonderful.

    • Sorry, but I don’t know about the concert she told me. I heard the second concert with Emperor and there was no Alpine Symphony. I tell her that I can’t change the impression I have received just because I read this article, especially when the program was totally different.

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