Airport responds to viola allegations

A spokesman for Dublin Airport has sent us this statement in response to Morgan Goff’s experience with one of their security staff:

Mr Goff would have been told by security screening staff, who filled out a damage report form in relation to the item, that to make a complaint he needed to contact our customer service department with the full details of the incident in question. This is standard procedure and we would have provided the contact details for our customer service department to Mr Goff at that time.

We have not yet received a complaint from Mr Goff in relation to this issue.  Once he has contacted us in relation to the matter, we will be happy to carry out a full investigation of his complaint.

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  • “Mr Goff would have been told…that to make a complaint he needed to contact our customer service department…”

    And might it be, perhaps, just thinking…he wasn’t told this?

  • It’s a dreadful story, but I wonder how Anthea Kreston manages to stay ahead and not experience this sort of thing.

    • I remember a blog post from some time ago describing an incident where they thought they wouldn’t be able to take the cello on board. As I recall, the solution involved some quartet members working the phone, and some at the gate turning on the “charm offensive.” Probably helpful to have a team of people with you who are all old hands at travelling with instruments.

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