Aeroflot revokes violin ban

Aeroflot revokes violin ban


norman lebrecht

February 15, 2018

Under a wave of public pressure and a hint from the Kremlin, the Russian airline has cancelled its plan to ban musical instruments from the passenger cabin as of today.

The statement reads:


Moscow, 14 February 2018 – Following requests from a number of Russia’s leading musical ensembles, Aeroflot has increased the size of musical instruments that can be carried as hand luggage from 115 to 135 cm (total combined dimensions), which will allow the majority of musical instruments to be transported inside the cabin.

Guitars exceeding 135 cm (total combined dimensions) may be possible to accommodate in the cabin, depending on the type of aircraft and its technical features, as long as the passenger has notified the airline at least 36 hours before departure.

In cases where a musical instrument is to be carried as hand luggage, the instrument will be the only piece of hand luggage allowed in the cabin.

Aeroflot’s updated regulations are in line with the best practices of other leading international airlines, and come into effect on 15 February 2018.

All the necessary information will be available via Aeroflot’s website and call centre.





  • Don Hohoho says:

    This shows how managements follow the low inclinations of other managements, ill behavior being more contagious than good behavior. Vigilance may be the only solution. It is good to see bad publicity turned to such good use.

    I wonder, if it wouldn’t be safer to carry two violins in two cases, so that if one is damaged, chances are the other might not be. If they are in the same case, they could both get smashed.

  • Arkadi says:

    Indeed many musicians have to carry their instruments . And it is worthy have yours when perform in special occasions.