A flute player is rushed to hospital after wrong-end blow

ER doctors at Malaga hospital were disconcerted by the sight of a young man walking very awkwardly into the department.

A prompt diagnosis revealed that the patient had a flute stuck up his rectum.

Apparently he had been trying to impress his girlfriend by playing a tune with wind from his rear.

Do not try this at audition.

Read on here.

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    • Patient ‘Doctor doctor I think I’ve got a flute stuck up my backside’

      Doctor ‘I’m so sorry. Just one question- is it an Alto Flute?’

      Patient (perplexed) ‘No- just a normal one’

      Doctor ‘OK- I’ll have to refer for an emergency appointment with a Proctologist’.

      Patient (perplexed) ‘Whats that?’

      Doctor ‘Don’t worry about that now- this is an emergency- I’m just telling you – you’re in a lot of Treble!’

  • Some years ago a similar story circulated about a clarinettist who had had a similar mishap in Germany and this was debunked as an urban myth. I suspect that this is similar.

    • Considering some of the other headlines – “Two Galician altar boys arrested for putting marijuana in thurible”, “Police to award €100 to drivers who pass breath-test at sobriety checkpoints”, “Airline jet deploys oxygen masks due to flatulent passenger” – I’d say satire rather than urban myth.

  • I thought this was funny the first time I heard this nearly 50 years ago…

    A man is walking around the streets of New York one day when he spies an old friend of his from college. “Boris!” he yells. “I haven’t seen you in ages! How have you been?”

    “Well,” Boris replies. “I am the piccolo player for the International Orchestra.”

    “Spectacular!” the man replies.

    “It is not what you might think, my friend. We play for the king of England, he loves the music. He says ‘Fill the instruments with gold!’ and they fill the tuba with gold and they fill the trombone with gold, and me with the damn piccolo.

    “We play for the queen of France. She loves the music; she says ‘Fill the instruments with silver!’ and they fill the tuba with silver and they fill the trombone with silver, and me with the damn piccolo.

    “Then we play for the czar of Russia. He hates the music; he say ‘Shove the instruments up their asses!’ and the tuba doesn’t fit and the trombone doesn’t fit. AND ME WITH THE DAMN PICCOLO!”

    • My father generously told me this story the day I got my first flute as a cautionary tale. Many years later, I am still a picc player so I guess I didn’t learn that lesson well enough!

      • Why should it matter if the picture above is misleading?
        The site the article comes from also states that “El site “Hay Noticia” (http://haynoticia.es) (en adelante denominado con sus siglas HN) es un site de humor cuyo fin es el entretenimiento.
        El contenido de HN es ficción y no se corresponde con la realidad.
        Todos los referentes, nombres, marcas o instituciones que aparecen en el site se usan como elementos contextuales, como en cualquier novela o relato de ficción”

        • And in any case, I was too busy laughing at the linked photo of a policeman whose horse seems to have fallen in love with him, as it were.

  • What is not mentioned is his plan to hold a match to the gas when it finally exits the flute thus producing not only a flaming flute to add visual to audio but an ultimate act of chivalry considering the fact flaming farts politely lack odor.

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