Pick of the Week:

Snarl me a Scarpia

Gerald Finley shows how it’s done. ‘It can take 100 to 150 times of repetition to absorb it in my mind, and in muscle memory.’

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Stand by for Itzhak the movie

A film about Itzhak Perlman, entitled ‘Itzhak’, is scheduled for release next month. It will open March 9 in New York at Landmark Cinema 57th Street and Quad Cinema and

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Zeffirelli hits 95

Happy birthday greetings to the inexhaustible opera and film director, resting at his palazzo outside Rome. We spent an enchanting afternoon together there a few

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The Met bans veteran critic

The author Joseph Horowitz who, by his own count, has ‘written more about Wagner at the Met than any other living human being’, was refused

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