Why does this label never get reviewed?

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

The British conductor Harry Christophers has his own record label, Coro, which turns out a stream of fine performances, mostly with his own group The Sixteen, and mostly unnoticed outside the shrinking pages of record magazines. Which is a pity, since some of them are very fine performances, indeed.

The latest release is with Christophers’ other group, the venerable Handel and Haydn Society of Boston, America’s oldest performing arts organisation. It presents two Haydn works written 20 years apart with Mozart’s G major violin concerto sandwiched in between. This is a brilliant piece of programming for any number of reasons…

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  • “Shrinking pages of record magazines”? Gramophone’s circulation is up 10% in 2017, online subscriptions are rocketing; and both Gramophone and BBC Music carry more reviews per edition than at any time in history.

  • What you’re really saying is: ‘Why have I not reviewed this label before?’. Definitely in the running for Solipsistic Headline of the Year.

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